Monday, March 12, 2012

How full is your plate???

Oh goodness has today been a roller coaster.  My plate is feeling so full right now that I have so much going on that I can't process it all at once and I don't know where to begin.  It's seriously ADD and I'm not ADD just life is ADD.  

Not a ton is going on and really I have nothing to complain about however... I have so much going on in my little world that I feel I have to much on my plate.  Really what I realized today is I need to make a to-do list!  I have to start making lists or a schedule for myself so I know once this is done then do this.  We make visual and written schedules for Jack at home and at school  that I think I need one for myself too.   A "Mommy To-Do List" if you will.  

As you know I'm in an extreme fitness challenge at my gym at work.  Well today was circuit training.  Usually I LOVE circuit training however one of the exercises the trainer had us doing was almost impossible for me to do.  It was hold plank while doing an upright row with a heavy weight (10-15 pounds).  We were doing stations and it was go at your own pace but get the stations done.  Well I was being lapped and I don't like to be lapped.  Show me some one that likes to be in last place and I'll show you a last place person.  I know that is harsh and wrong to feel but in my mind it's how I think when it comes to working out.  So while doing the exercise I got over come with emotion and I finished my set and I had to walk out of the class room because I just broke down.  The trainer leading the class came out to make sure I was OK and I told her how I felt and she encouraged me telling me I was doing a great job and to keep giving my best.  So I went back in still crying and finished.  I was the last one finished at the end but by the end I didn't feel like I lost but that I won.  The old me would have said forget it, this is to hard, I'm out.  I would have found an excuse to quit and let myself feel good about quitting although I wouldn't have called it "quitting" but just finding a reason to not finish.  

So the lesson I learned today is to evenly portion the plate, give up some control, realize that the house is not going to be white glove clean 7 days a week (who am I kidding...this house will NEVER be white glove clean.  I like to call the Little Lehman Pad an organized disaster), there will be dishes in the sink and always laundry to fold but I'm so thankful for my messes because it means I'm living a great life with my husband, kids and our adventures we have in our life!  Most importantly I/we are doing what is necessary so that we can be around to do our best to keep the house white glove clean...HA RIGHT...WRONG!   To expect perfection in this area while having children is almost laughable and the joke is on the one thinking it's possible!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Growing HUGE on the INSIDE while SHRINKING on the OUTSIDE

Hello from Dallas, TX.  I'm at a leadership event and had the honor to listen to Rick Goings give a lecture yesterday.  He talked about the science of personal achievement and gave eight steps. I'm going to share with you what they are and what they mean to me.  I'm not going to go into all of them right now because this blog would turn into a book so I'll break it up.   I'm going to to a little mini-series because it spoke so loudly to me and I feel like it's my responsibility to share this with anyone and everyone that reads this blog regardless if I know them personally or not.

Step 1:  MINDSET.  What is your life's philosophy?  What do you want to do when you grow up? What is your calling?  Do you journal?  How are you growing?

What is philosophy exactly?  Per it's "A system of principles for guidance in practical affairs."  So in life and weight loss you have to have a plan, if you don't have a plan then you really don't have much.

My current life philosophy is to always give thanks to the one that deserves it the most!  Things don't happen by accident and I don't believe in luck.  I believe in blessings.  Everything happens for a reason it's how you react to it is what will determine the outcome.  It might be an immediate reaction or it might be something that takes years.  I can think of so many things that have happened in my life that I wanted so bad and when they didn't turn out the way I thought it should then I was upset and now standing here today and reflecting back I'm so thankful that those desired events didn't happen.  I'm so thankful for the pain I endured to get to where I am today and you know what....I HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED.   I haven't reached an 1/8 of my potential.  I can't imagine the blessings that will be poured over me and my family when I truly live by my life's philosophy.

What is your calling?  For me..My calling is to serve.  I love to serve others.  Sure I'm selfish and I want to have it all but in the process I want to touch as many hearts and lives that I can in all my actions not just in fitness and weight loss.  As many of you know I have a little side business that I run where I go and pamper busy women!  There is nothing that gives me greater joy then to go into a woman's home and pamper and spoil them.  You need the time for yourself and you deserve it!  Best of all I bring all the treatments and it's FREE!!  This isn't a sales pitch honestly but I'm just opening up a little about how I love to serve others and how by me providing service to you deeply feeds my soul and answers my calling.

I have had so many people come up to me and tell me how much they love my blog and that they never comment but read it and that they check to see if I've written anything new.  That means so much to me. I'm so inspired by others who truly love and live life.  We have to little time on this earth to be negative.  If you want something it is your job to go out and get it and if you don't go out there and get it then you don't have anything to complain about.  Now I'm not saying you never should be frustrated but take that frustration and say to yourself how can I turn this into a positive, what have I learned from this?  

How are you growing?  Well in my case I'm shrinking but that is only on the outside.  On the inside I'm growing by the minute.  Really focused on the end goal and the small goals in getting to the end.  Honestly there is no end.  I saw picture not long ago that said "Train like there is no finish line."  Simple as that...train as if there is no finish line.

So with that for now I leave you with....Get out there and train like there is no finish line...not just in fitness and weight loss but in your own life and your own personal growth and development.