Sunday, March 3, 2013


Uggg Why...Why did I not eat right today?

This morning I was scheduled to work with the preK kids at our Church (I love those little kids) had a great morning with the family.  After Church we were all hungry and it was lunch time and Anna our 10 year old says Mexican sounds so good.  We haven't had Mexican food in sooo long.  Andy and I looked at one another and we were on it like white on rice.  So we went, ate too many chips and salsa.  I got a chicken fajita quesadilla with rice and beans.  It all tasted AMAZING going down then I went to pay the bill and BOOM there it sat in my gut rotting away and instantly draining my energy.  Got home and felt like CRAP.

I was so tired and no energy all day long.  Had plans on doing grand things around the house like cooking and cleaning.  Thanks cheat meal for ruining that for me.  I did some but not what I really needed to do.

So here I type and I'm still so bloated and I feel just like a tub of lard.

Now I know why I eat healthy...It's not just for the benefits of a shrinking body and number on the scale.  It's also for the fact that I have energy, I'm productive, clear mind, I feel clean, unlike now I feel really dirty.  I know that just sound silly but I do, my pores on my face feel so congested, I just feel blahhh...

So I won't hide this blog post from anyone but I'm not going to hit the little share button either so if you're reading this its because you want to.  I'm more or less writing this down for myself to remind myself the next time I want an all out BAD cheat meal to use this as a reference to remind myself just how shitty I feel after doing it.  Not just physically feel crummy but my mind is doing tricks on me too. Like now I'm overwhelmed with it all and I just want to face plant into a gallon of ice cream and give up but I've come to far and I know what it truly means to feel good and not just because my body is shrinking and the scale shows a less number but just to feel healthy and strong.  That is priceless.

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