Thursday, April 7, 2011

What a difference a week makes....

I am just so in awe and almost feel like I'm living in a dream land.  Seriously....

This time last week I was so upset thinking to myself "who do you think you are? You can't can't do this".  I REFUSED to let myself believe that so I called my mentor who walked before me just one year ago, Connie.  Connie reminded me that in the times of bad is when the good is formed and to not give up and to get out there and do it again.  So I did just that.  After my awful run last Thursday I decided I was going to give it another go on Friday.  Friday, April fools of all days I decided to take on my longest time run to date.  It was walk for 5 to warm up then run for 25 minutes and not stop.  Still a little pissy from the day before I said to myself, "I'm not going to let this effect me I'm going to learn from it, grow and become stronger."  So I did just that.  I ran all 25 minutes.  I did those minutes on a treadmill.  There was a guy that hopped on the treadmill next to me and I told him, "you're going to hear me yelling at myself telling myself to keep going so I'm just warnin' ya."  He kind of laughed and said "I think that will be good for both of us."

Monday was supposed to start my running club at the gym however it was so cold and windy that we didn't run.  Well the crazy in shape people did but not me (not yet LOL).  I did the an elliptical work out and did some running on the treadmill as well.  Tuesday started my one on one personal training with Tiffany (yes that is one of my trainers names I'm not training myself).  It was just a fitness assessment to see where I started so in 8 weeks we can see how I improved.  I ran a mile on the t-mill in 14 minutes and we did a strength routine.  I was ordered not to run on Wednesday because Tanna, my other trainer, was going to run outside with me today.  So on Wednesday I did the elliptical (oh how I love that machine) for 30 minutes.  Today Tanna took me outside and we ran.  We did 2 miles in 24 minutes.  I was in SHOCK!!  I couldn't believe it!!  Tomorrow I'm thinking I might do the elliptical again and do some other core and arm work...who knows what tomorrow will bring.  I know I'm going to run this weekend..It's going to be soooo nice out!!!!  If anyone reads this and wants to meet up let me know.

To top this wonderful week off I discovered that I've lost 12 inches in just over a month.  Seriously...OMG that just doesn't happen to me.  I think finally I have the formula down.  The formula is there is no formula.  No I can't eat chocolate all day or drink a bottle of wine a night and lose weight and become fit but I don't have to deprive myself either.  Everything in moderation is key.  Also logging your foods is key too.  If you do have a bad meal or day then have it and own it because life is still going to get in the way and if you deprive yourself of what you love you'll become resentful and you won't succeed.  Sure you might lose a ton of weight but as soon as your at your goal if your mindset isn't right you'll start down the path again.  Plus what I've found in this journey is that I really don't want the foods I used to long for anymore.  I used to LOVE Mexican food and the more fried and the more sour cream and guacamole it had the better.  Now I think about it and my stomach almost hurts to think about it.  Now I crave a pear as dessert vs a bowl of ice cream.  When I need the crunch factor rather than eat chips I eat a few almonds.  I call Almonds God's candy.  I love them!

So what a difference a week makes.....What a blessing it is to be a live, to be able to run, to be able to eat, and to be able to share!

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