Thursday, January 20, 2011

Needtobreathe - Garden

My prayer is that this song becomes everyones prayer. I hope everyone listens to it with their eyes closed and open mind. All that we do on this earth is to glorify the King. May every piece of food you put in your mouth and every action/step make you think, how is this going to glorify the King. How can I use myself and my body to help further the Kingdom. If you're reading and you're not "religious"/Christ follower (I hate that word, religious) think of how will the food you put into your body further your legacy. How will your actions affect those that you think are not watching (ie..our children).

Everything we do to better ourselves needs to be selfish but realize that "YOU" are just a tiny piece in the puzzle. What we do in life has a long term effect for good or for bad.  It is OK to be selfish.  If being selfish means you need to work out for 30 minutes a day so you can go out there, have better focus, more energy, be happy, etc.  Who really does that effect?  Sure it effects you but in the big picture it effects our loved ones because we will be more attentive to their needs, our employers because we'll be more productive at work and probably a little more nice to be around.   If being selfish means you need to spend 20 minutes more a week searching for healthier recipes so you can feed your body what she needs vs. junk food then so be it.  Again, who is to benefit here?  You, your loved ones, friends, and employers.  All of which will benefit from you being selfish and from you taking time to get your self right.

So do it....Go to the "Garden" pray that you die to yourself so that love can tell it's tale!  


Grace said...

Tif I love every post. So proud of you! God is truly working in you and will continue you in other people's lives

wendy said...

Very nice : )