Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Spark

If you've been following me you know I love the website SparkPeople.com. I recently downloaded the book "The Spark" and its the best thing I ever did! I just came across a section that has slapped me right across my face (in a good way) & I had to share.


"One of the reasons we focus on taking small steps instead of plowing full steam to reach big goals is this: we know that major life breakthroughs are the result of building consistency and momentum in all of the cornerstones.
1. The Aha Moment. When you realize something for the first time.
2. The WooHoo. When you have taken action amd want to celebrate (ie. Me running 5 minutes with out stopping)
3. The Breakthrough Point. When you string together enough small steps made up of aha and woohoo moments you start stacking the odds in your favor. Now its a virtual guarentee that you are closing in on a breakthrough point."

Why I shared this little section of this book is because this is what is becoming my life and I'm loving it. This is so much better and fulfilling than any food or snack (not quite ready to say red wine...I kid).

This is my life...it is a roller coaster filled with ups and downs and I wouldn't have it any other way. This journey has also made me realize just truly I am blessed and how wonderful life truly is and the best part...I feel like it's just begining.


~Mama Naomi said...

Dear Tiffany, I think that this blog posting is wonderful and powerful and I am so jealous of your drive! I love how happy it makes you. That's all that matters!

Tiffany said...

Thank you Naomi...My drive is LONG overdue!!! I am just thankful that I have the drive now. Look at the drive you have just in different areas of your life than me. If anyone should be jealous of someones drive it is me my friend *smooch*