Sunday, September 25, 2011

An Ode to My Son, Jack

As I shared earlier this week we had some pretty trying times with our newly 6 year old, Jack.

This last week emotionally was probably one of the hardest in several years.  I was so stressed, busy and exhausted.  I didn't make time to work out and I've learned that if mama doesn't work out mama's not nice.  Bless my husband's heart for still loving me after the emotional basket case I was this last week.

So today...I haven't ran since last Sunday due to the above.  Today Andy, my husband, says I want you to run...You NEED to run.   Jack pipes up...MOM I want to run with you!!  How could I get out of that?  Not going to happen.  So we go to Church, go grocery shopping for the week and get home.  I'm wiped out...I lay on the couch and take about a half hour nap.  Jack waking up me a few times saying come on mom we need to go run.  I got up, ate a little lunch because I was STARVING and I said, Jack would you mind if we didn't go?  Mom's tired and I am just not feeling the best.  He has these beautiful huge blue eyes with long eye lashes and he said, mom you promised and I want to go with you..just you and me.  I thought come on Tiffany he's just wanting some time with you and how can I tell him it's important to be active, eat right, etc if I'm not living that life.

So off we went.  He hopped on his bike that is now officially done.  He literally rode the wheels off his bike and it died today. Side story,  Jack's bike is his sisters previous bike so it's pink and purple and he rides that thing with pure joy.  I told him if anyone gives him grief he needs to say real men aren't afraid of pink (LOL).  Jack got on his bike and I started running.  He was so sweet to stay with me and not run off (in the past he's run off) and he said things to me like good job mom, your doing a good job running.  We went up to his school (only about 4 blocks from our house)  and they have a little walking trail and he rode his bike around there while I ran and then there were other kids that showed up so he went and played while I ran around the track.  Here comes this guy who had to be in his 20's with a basketball.  Jack's 2nd love outside his bike is a basketball.  He goes up to this guy like he's his BFF and asks to play with him. So they start shooting hoops.  It was so sweet and the young man was so nice to Jack.

So thank you my beautiful son for being my inspiration today for making me get out there and get it done.  I love you so much!!!

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