Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Candy = ICK

My days of candy are over!  I have gone with out sweets for so long and today I ate 6 milk duds after I ate lunch and I felt like I was drunk.  I'm crashing hard from the sugar and my body is just wanting to lay down and pass out.  My stomach hurts.  There is nothing good that came from me eating 6 milk duds.  My body for the first time EVER is revolting against bad food.  Now if I can just get my mind better at it.  Man this food thing can mess with your head. 
The good news is that I broke a personal record today.  I did a half hour on the ARC trainer and I burned 326 calories in a half hour.  I've never done more than 15 minutes on the ARC.  That has terrified me.  Well I won over my fear and while I'm not anxious to get on it again tomorrow I will get back on it and go for a half hour and maybe longer.  The ARC trainer is proving to be somewhat of a vendetta with me like the elliptical was.  When I first started in my fitness/weight loss journey 3 years ago I remember I was terrified of that thing and could only start out at 3 minutes.  Now it's my favorite thing and if I had the time I would do it for an hour!
More good news…I really don't see this skinny girl being trapped in a fat girls body for long.  I'm so glad I signed up for this 6 week challenge to burn 500 calories a day or walk 10,000 steps.  It's only day 2 but it's going great and I love how I'm feeling…other than the way I feel after eating a handful of milk duds.  Uggg

Tonight my wonderful husband made us the best chicken on the grill and green beans.  I was craving milk too so I treated myself to 8oz.  I know I'm not over my calories, fats or carbs so why not drink something that's good for me.  

It feels so good to eat "clean", it's like my body saying "Thank You".

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Christina said...

Great job Tiff!! Keep it up!