Sunday, October 3, 2010


So I must say I'm kind of proud of myself.  This weekend I will get by with out drinking more oz in wine than water.  It's 7:39am on Sunday and already I've drank a quart of water and 8 oz of coffee!  I'm off after this blog however to get more coffee but not adding bailey's (LOL...I don't have bailey's in the house as it is).

Today I have the honor to spa my mother in law and her red hat ladies.  I can't wait.  Spa-ing feeds my soul!  I love going and educating women (men too) on skin wellness and soon I'll be able to teach more on health wellness.

So for my food choices this weekend...Friday I had a healthy food day.  Not much for dinner, I had a protein bar and water and I went with one of my new spa diva's to help her learn how to get her spa on.  The hostess made this cake that looked AMAZING but I resisted.  I told myself that eating that will not help me in my wellness goals and ultimately my skinny girl goals.  What she did have that I did treat myself to was taco dip and corn chips.  Un-like the old days I only had just enough to satisfy my desire for that vs a HUGE scoop and tons of chips.   I did have a glass of wine as well but again just a glass and not a bottle.

Yesterday for breakfast I had a bowl of oatmeal with a few almonds and coffee.  Gotta love the Joe.  I don't drink fancy coffee just black coffee with a little cream and Splenda (I know fake sugar).   I am however a coffee snob...I will only brew Starbucks or Dunkin' Dark at home.  For lunch yesterday we were out and about at the mall with the kids and we went to Wendy's in the food court and I got the chicken, pecan, apple salad.  DELISH...I love that salad.  For dinner last night we had steak on the grill.  I had about 5oz of meat..We had a wonderful salad with home made Italian dressing and I made sure it had more water than EVOO.  Today so far all I've had is water and coffee.  As soon as I'm done blogging I am thinking my body is telling me I need eggs.

I almost forgot...Yesterday my daughter and I went over to my mom's house for a few moments and my mom and I were talking about fitness and her struggles to lose weight.  She had a triple bypass in July and has recovered beautifully.  I'm so proud of her she walks every day and is really watching what she eats too.  Like me (or I like her) she struggles to lose weight.  The scale is not our friend.  Doctors orders she is working out to the point that she really is pushing herself but not so hard.  I told her yesterday that she needs to get with her PT at the gym and tell him/her what her goals are and what restrictions she has due to her heart and have them build a work out plan for her.  I told her the more she sweats and the more gross she is with regards to sweat she will burn more calories and lose more.  I love to sweat and I'm talking the kind of sweat when you're working it out and you're breathing out your mouth and the sweat goes flying across the room.  Yea that's gross but I live for it.  I really love working out!  So I'm excited for my mom.  She has lost 2 pounds this week and I think she will go to her PT at the gym and really work it out.

So enough of my verbal ADD....Until next and eat-thee-well

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