Thursday, February 3, 2011


I really dread writing today however I am doing my best to write every day so I can hold myself accountable.

I fell..I fell hard today.  This has been one of the worst days I've had in a VERY long time.  Tonight for supper I fell face first in a pizza.  I only at 2 pieces and 2 pieces of cheese bread.  Still very bad but in my  "fat" days I would have eat almost half the pizza and several more cheese sticks.

Today was one of those days that I wished I was 8 years old and my worst thing that happened to me today is I didn't get to check out the library book I was hoping for.

1st.... the un-welcome monthly visitor showed up (it should be mandatory that once you're done having kids this part of being a woman is over too)

2nd....Andy was honest with workman's comp several months ago about his hip injury that lead us to find out that he has a cancerous tumor in his leg and the wonderful workman's comp denied his claim saying his injury was not work related (if you want the full details just ask and I'll tell you but I'll spare the details for now).  So we turned in all the medical bills to our insurance company, Coventry, and they paid most of his medical bills.  Fast forward to Monday...we get a message on our voicemail saying this is so and so with Dr. ____ and we have an outstanding medical bill from November that we need taken care of ASAP (not in those exact words but you get the point.)  So Andy calls our insurance provider.  Coventry goes on to tell him that doctor is an out of network doctor and they are not going to pay for those visits.  HELLO my husbands employer sent him to that doctor because it was a work related injury.  So guess who is stuck paying $1000 to a doctor that we've never had a relationship with...YEP...The Lehman's.  Please let me bend over and pull that $1000 out of my *beep* for you.   So we're screwed from workman's comp and we're screwed from our insurance company.  This is what you get when being honest.  The man wonders why there is fraud?  Damn us for being honest and NOT trying to cheat the system.

3rd...I don't post a whole ton on Facebook or here about the issues we have with my son, Jack (I don't like to post "bad news" or be a downer, for me most of the time the glass is half full).  I love that little man with all my heart and soul but he is a tough nut to crack.  98% of the time he's perfect and precious but that 2% of the's tough.... He is just like any other normal 5 year old boy but he's also on the very high end of the autism spectrum.  Today at 11:15 I get a call from his preschool teacher  (Jack is in his 3rd year of pre-school with the early childhood special ed through the DM School district) telling me that Jack can not get on the bus because it is not safe for the other children or the bus driver.  Meaning that Jack was in the midst of a violent rampage.  So I have to leave work, get him from school, take him back to daycare and go back to work.  Jack has been having some pretty serious fits lately.  Just  being nasty to Anna (our 8 year old) and just causing a lot of disruption.  Tonight was haircut night for us.  Jack marches into the salon and gets a sucker.  Fine but then he wanted another one.  I told him no that he could get another one once he was good and got his hair cut.  When we put the suckers up where he couldn't reach them all hell broke out.   The ladies that cut our hair got to see in the flesh what it looks like when he's having a meltdown.

So that was my day today.  99% of the time I have a very blessed and charmed life but today was just one of those days that just can't end soon enough.  The monthly visitor will end, I will return to my normal upbeat self, the medical bills will be paid, and Jack will be a great little man again.  Thank goodness God gives us a chance to start over every day.

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