Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Frustrated with myself

Why do I have to have such a love affair with all food good for me and all food bad?  Since last week I've gained 7 pounds.  I've still been working out but no matter what I put in my mouth the work outs don't matter. 

I admit I've been emotional eating and comfort eating because it's been easy. 

As you know Andy had the tumor from his left thigh removed last Friday.  The surgery went well and he's at home recovering very nicely. 

I've had a lot of wine to drink, a lot of good for me food to eat and a lot of bad for me food to eat.  I hate this love hate relationship I have with food.  I hate that it's so easy to just fall back.  I really wish the taste of wine would make me want to vomit (not that I drink that much but still) and that the taste of bad food like mexican would make me want to vomit. 

So off I go...Off to kill myself in the gym I head.  Today is my first day back to work since Andy's surgery so back on track I head too with food. 


Rae said...

Ok, first off... I don't know too many people who don't have a love affair with food. It just is what it is. The only thing I can "counsel" is the attempt to replace the yummy tastes with something else... smell the food. Remember it's flavor. Then walk away. Let that be enough. FORCE it to be enough. You may find that things start to smell better than they taste and you won't want to eat it. Allow your other senses to get some work here! It may sound ridiculous, but this works well for me with all the glutenous things I want so badly but know how sick I'll be - so not worth it - so I don't have any.

Next... STOP beating yourself up about it!!! Seriously. You talk about eating for comfort, and I'm sure that you do, so the more you beat yourself up about these 7 pounds (or whatever it is) the more you're gonna want to eat. Wash your hands of it. It's done, now get back on track. Period.

I'm not a fan of the scale for that very reason. Yes, you need to measure progress, but that number is just too much to handle sometimes.

You know I'm not going to enable you and just say, oh it's ok Tiffany. Cause it's not and you and I both know it. You have goals! So, FOCUS on them. Replace your comfort eating with soemthing else you enjoy...can you read a magazine or a book to keep busy instead of snacking on something? That sort of thing. But you DO need to tell yourself right now, 7 pounds came off while you were unable to eat! That wasn't weight that was going to stay off most likely. So, done. Move on. NEXT!! :)

YOU CAN DO IT! Just keep your eyes on the prize! :)

Christina said...

You can do this! Press on! My best advice is to NOT get on a scale for several days. When I've been "bad" and get right on the scale it's deceiving and disheartening. If you wait a bit you'll probably find that you've not gained 7lbs. Maybe 4lbs? But not 7lbs. When I see a huge gain it depresses me into -"why bother if I'm going to gain it back this fast after going a LITTLE off track?"
It's a new day! :) You can do it just pick yourself up and keep going!

Amber said...

I love what Rae posted. Tiffany, you constantly fall in to this trap - and you KNOW what it leads to. There is no reason that you can not choose to eat healthy, plan ahead your meals, NOT BUY WINE and JUNK FOOD, no reason! We both know this. Food can be an addiction, and I've told you before and I'll tell you again, you are killing yourself. If nothing else keeps the pizza out of your mouth, let the thought that you are killing yourself slowly and torturing your body from the inside out.
I just started reading a new book called "Feeling Good" by Dr. David Burns. It is awesome. I highly suggest it. You eat to cope and that is not healthy. You need to learn how to fight the depression that leads to coping in an unhealthy manner, gain some self-esteem, and positively deal with life stresses.
I also agree with the scale thing - scales are the devil. Period. Throw.it.out.
I hope you know that I am not being snide or ugly, I simply hate to sit and watch friends kill themselves. Tomorrow IS another day, but today is today and tomorrow may be to late. You CAN do this.